Monday, October 18, 2010

Playing with Mist

I hope you all had a chance to grab the All Dressed Up Again kit. It has some amazingly gorgeous die-cut papers in there, and there's so much variety, it pretty much fits any topic or occasion. I was soooo in love with it when I opened it up and the intricate die-cutting on the smaller circular paper made me think of a photo of DH and DD in Disney World, with pretty iron-work in the background.

I used Glimmer Mist to create this layout. Here are some steps to make it easy: first, choose the die-cut paper you want to use - for this type of LO, choose a smaller size. Place the paper and your photo on the cardstock to decide where you want everything to be. Turn the die-cut paper over and mist. For extra interest, add the die-cut paper to the misted LO. I also used magic mesh. If you like to slowly dig into some older supplies to minimize your stash, it's a good idea to pair older stuff with new stuff to make the older stuff still relevant and fresh and original. So remember that your All Dressed Up Again package can be used in many ways, and each of those sheets can become a stencil or a mask! There are 2 sheets of each pattern, so you could save one of each pair for misting.

Supply List:
All Dressed Up Again - Glitter & Foil Layered Layouts
Must Have Cardstock - Jewels
Must Have Cardstock - Brights
Sticky Sparkly Letters & Shapes
Over Stuffed
3D Embellishment Kit


  1. So pretty!! I love the masking! My problem is that my paper gets warped. How do you keep yours from warping??

  2. Thanks Michelle!! Mine do too, actually. Sometimes I like that look, since it makes it look more "worn". Other times, once it's in the album, it doesn't matter. And other times if I want it flat, I put something heavy to flatten it out and leave it that way for a little while. Either right after misting, or even after it has dried. That usually helps.

  3. Hi Ilene!! Thanks for the comment on my blog and for the tip with the glimmer mist!!! Your page is just beautiful!!

  4. When was there an All Dressed Up Again kit available?!!!! The All Dressed Up kit is my absolute favorite 3 Birds product and if there is a new version I want it! Do tell...

  5. Good question! LOL....I'll email Laina and check on that one for you!! It's really really gorgeous, so I hope it's available for sale!

  6. Hi all! All Dressed Up will air on HSN OCt 30-31. It will be available online as we get closer to those days.

  7. I love this layout. Your misting is amazing!

  8. I'll be watching! Thanks for answering me!