Friday, December 10, 2010

How About A Little Bit Of Summer?

Since so much of us is overwhelmed with a ton of snow in our neck of the woods I thought I'd bring back a little bit of summer so that we can all relive the nostalgia of warmer days and remember that this cold weather will pass and warmer days will come again soon!

For this layout I used a bunch of different 3 Birds products. Mixing and matching of products is ok in my book and it should be for you too! Feel free to experiment, you'll love the results!

Here's my materials list:

Must Have Textured Cardstock
3D Sticker Embellishment Kit
Garden of Flowers Felt and Fabric Kit
Sparkly Shapes Kit
Focus On Photos Scrapbook Kit
Paper trails Die Cut Cardstock Borders

To create the arrow shaped banner is really easy! Sometimes we love a certain embellishment but feel that the colors don't quite match. I simply turned the Border Strip over to reveal the white side and inked it using my favorite dye ink. Voila, an instant, one of a kind embellishment that works perfectly with my color palette!

Thanks for stopping by! Now get scrapping!

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