Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where in the World is our BIRDIE BAG???

Check it out!!! Our BIRDIE BAG is enjoying a well deserved vacation in PARIS!!!! Along with our Super savvy host from TSC in Canada.. Carmi!!!! Thank you Carmi for sending the pic.. it started us thinkin'.. where else does the BIRDIE BAG GO!?! And so it begins..... BIRDIE BAG TRAVELS... send your photos and/or layouts of your BIRDIE BAG to threebirdsdesign@yahoo.com and we'll be sure to post them here!!! Merci! Nous aimons 3Oiseaux!


  1. Yeah! You got the picture! This bag is getting a workout here!

  2. Ahm ... where do I get a Birdie Bag?

    And how does it get me to PARIS? :D

  3. oh i would love the birdie bag to take me to paris! I miss it so much :) we honeymooned there AH the memories!