Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quick Albums for Graduation

Everyone knows someone who is graduating this spring! Whether its your child, a relative or a friend, 3Birds understands what a busy time this can be. Our solution is a quick and easy memory album that will highlight a student's entire school career. What a fantastic gift for the graduate! Also a great display for graduation parties! With these speedy tools from 3Birds, you'll complete the album in a flash. Our album is the perfect way to include individual photos, class photos, awards, papers, artwork, and report cards... all in one place! Think of all the memories and memorabilia you could include!

Here is what you'll need to pick up from the Nest:

1. PageMats: Made in Minutes School Edition
This complete kit has everything you need to record Preschool through Senior Year and comes in a neat, organized nest!

2. Birdie Book: 3 Ring Album with assorted Page Protectors
This book comes with Protectors that hold 4"x6" photos! Great for those candid shots! Just slide 'em in and your done! You may want to pick up a few refill packs if you have a lot of photos you would like to include!

Now comes the fun part!
Gather all of the memorabilia and photos and organize it by year. A great feature of PageMats School Edition is that each year comes with a double page 12"x12" layout. All you need to do is add your photos. Every school year includes a separate die cut sheet with adorable accents and great journaling prompts to get you to record all those special moments you don't want to forget! A few sheets include die cuts that can be used to make a pocket page great for storing report cards, awards, papers and more! Be sure to add the Page Protectors from the Birdie Book in between the Pagemats pages for a quick way to include those 4"x6" photos! With this simple kit, pages are completed in no time! You will quickly have a complete memory album to give as a gift or put on display at graduation parties!

Check out just a few of the ideas we unhatched at the nest in under 1 1/2 hours...

PageMats layout: Preschool!

Page protector from birdie binder. Great for just adding photos! These are pictures from a field trip! Cut a 4"x 6" piece of cardstock to journal on!
Don't forget to add the 5 W's: who, what, when, where and why!!!

The pocket page seen here is created by using the bottom piece from the die cut sheet and running adhesive along the bottom edge and sides. Place on a piece of cardstock, lining up the bottom edges. Do not apply adhesive to the top of the die cut. Now you have a pocket page! Slide in any memorabilia you might not want to adhere permanently!

Don't forget to include artwork and precious handprints!!

This is a page protector from the Birdie Book that I cut. I just used my trimmer and cut right after the two 4"x6" photo openings. It now makes a smaller insert! I stabled ribbon to the protector to insure my photos didn't fall out. This was a great solution to not having enough photos to fill all the spaces in the protector! Journaling squares cut to 4"x6" are also a great idea for recording memories!

This kit takes you all the way through Senior year! Every memory, every photo, every piece of memorabilia neat and organized in one place! In a SNAP!

Have fun with these 2 kits. Be as creative as your time permits. Our kits are acid free so you know that your memories are safe when nested in 3Birds products! Happy Scrappin'!


  1. that is what i love about 3 birds, they do all the hardwork for us. thank you.

    when will you be doing anymore new stamp sets. would love to see a clear stamp set that goes along with straight from the nest cartridge.


  2. OHHHHH!!! Chris!! That is a FABULOUS idea!!! I'll be sure to pass that on to our fantastic Product Developement Birdies....(that's us!) I can tell you that our LL BIRD..Laina is feverishly working at the nest on a really exciting 3Birds stamp kit that is sure to tickle your creative taste buds!!!It's going to be a "MUST HAVE IT!" Product! She is an amazingly creative person herself, but just wait 'til you see this kit!!! I can't say too much about it... but I will say its as cute as a button! Watch for it on HSN in the fall!