Friday, September 24, 2010

Winter and Spring

I'm on a kick with these seasonal cards lately! Last time I made summer and fall cards, so I decided to round out the idea with a winter and spring card.

Winter Card.
3 Birds Must Have Textured Cardstock Stack.
3 Birds Must Have Textured Cardstock Stack - Pastels.
3 Birds 3D Sticker Embellishment Kit.
3 Birds Super Sticker Nestables Foil and Glitter Set.
3 Birds Paper Trails Complete Borders Kit.
3 Birds Bling Goodie Box of Embellishments.

Cut purple 12*12 cardstock in half then fold to make card base.
Cut strips of cardstock and place on card front as shown.
Add strip of metallic foil sticker along bottom of card.
Place penguin 3d sticker on bottom right of card.
Place greeting 3d winter sticker on upper left of card.
Cut some snowflakes from snowflake border and glue to card.
Add rhinestones for interest.

Shaped spring card.

3 Birds Super Sticker Nestables Foil and Glitter Set.
3 Birds Must Have Textured Cardstock Stack.
3 Birds 3D Sticker Embellishment Kit.

Fold 12*12 pink cardstock in half.
Peel off the very center of large sticker.
Place round sticker (heart border, flower) on the folded cardstock, making sure a small amount of the circle hangs over the top, folded seam of the card base.
Before completely adhering edges of flower to cardstock, place some of the leaf stickers underneath the petals.

tip 1: Use a tiny amount of baby power and rub it on the sticky spot that overhangs the top of the card, this will make it non-sticky so it won't be sticking to your table.

Cut around the circular edges of the large sticker, being sure to cut thru both the front and back of folded card.

tip 2: If you want to use the shape of the center of the large sticker, but don't particularly like the way the pattern works with your project you can try this tip: I took the sticker and placed it on the back of a patterned paper that I wanted to use. Then I simply used my scissors and cut around the shape, flip it over and there you have the shape you want with the patterned paper you want.

Once you have the center ready, adhere to the center of your large flower using foam adhesive for dimension.
Use some circle punches and cut out pink then a smaller green circle, layer and adhere to center of flower.
Finish this card by adhering butterfly, title and flower to card as seen.

Hope that gives you some good tips and new ideas!, Charity